How to Unblock an Airsoft BB Gun

Airsoft Objectives How to Unblock an Airsoft BB Gun

Learning how to unblock a jammed BB pellet from your Airsoft BB gun is a basic skill for every good Airsoft player. Blocked or jammed BB pellets inside a BB gun’s barrel or internals aren’t highly common but can be a nuisance, though with some simple care and precaution you can avoid it happening and know what to do if it does happen. If you have a blocked BB gun you can use these simple instructions to remove the blockage.

  1. Remove the BB Gun’s magazine.
  2. If you can, turn off the hop-up system.
  3. Pull back the gun slide or open the chamber.
  4. Push the unblocking rod down the barrel from the front of the gun.
  5. Any jammed BB pellets should be pushed out.

Now your Airsoft BB gun is ready to load and be used again. It’s important to remember that you should never look down the barrel of any Airsoft BB gun and always use good quality BB pellets which are seamless like the ones we sell in order to prevent jamming. Never attempt to disassemble any part of the gun to remove the jammed BB pellet as this will void any warranty you have with that product.

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  1. SimonMarcellino says:

    Useful tips!
    when airsoft BB guns get blocked many people simply throw them away and purchase new ones.

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