CO2 & Gas BB Pistols: What’s the Difference?

Gas and CO2 Pistols are popular sidearms used in Airsoft skirmishing. They’re great for close quarters combat where tight corners mean that a quick aim are essential for eliminating your opponents. We’re often asked what are the differences between CO2 and gas pistols so we’ve put together our thoughts in a list here to help people make a more informed decision.

The key differences between Gas and CO2 BB guns are:

  • CO2 pistols are loaded with a small cylindrical cartridge, often placed inside the magazine or grip. Whereas gas pistols have an in built chamber which you fill using a canister.
  • Gas pistols sometimes have ‘blowback’; where excess pressure from the release of gas from the chamber is blasted in the other direction of the pellet which ‘blows’ back the slide to reload the gun automatically.
  • CO2 pistols tend to work better in cold weather, and the CO2 doesn’t leave any residue in the chamber of the gun.

It’s very important to look after your Gas or CO2 gun by making sure you are using the correct type(s) of Gas and properly maintaining the seals/valves. Being a good gun owner is guaranteed to make your guns last longer.

Do you think there’s something we’re missing? Let us know in the comments!

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